“Do you like money? I like money too” 
- Frito (as played by Dax Shepard)

Do you want to keep more of the money you make and deal with fewer refunds?

you want to create a steady stream of passive income
so you can create a business that works for you, not the other way around.
But there’s one HUGE problem standing in your way…
The “what ifs”...
  • What if they don’t like it?
  • ​What if they ask for a refund?
  • What if EVERYONE wants their money back?
  • ​What do I do if their bank forces the money out of my account in a chargeback??
  • ​I’ve tried to do this before-- what if this idea fails too??
The ‘What If’s’ are eating you alive, stopping you in your tracks, and preventing you from ever getting started.
To make it worse, you’re not even sure where to get started, and those feelings of overwhelm are destroying your dreams.
Just imagine if it didn’t exist—if you knew you could not fail—what could you have accomplished by now?
I can’t promise your course, template or other digital product will be a knock-out success, but I can promise you that it will be that much more likely to succeed if, and only if, you have:
A consistent way to turn your buyers into raving brand evangelists instead of nasty one-star reviewers
A way to easily increase your customer lifetime value with NO added advertising or acquisition costs—wouldn’t it be great to do the same amount of work and make even more money from it?
A rock solid strategy for preventing loss in your company, so you keep more of the money you worked so hard to make!!

Now ask yourself: Is it worth $37 to save potentially hundreds of dollars of lost income?

From Hubspot:

“A mere 5% increase in retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%. 

90% of happy consumers are more likely to purchase again, and 93% are more likely to be repeat customers at companies with excellent customer service”

Happy Customers = fewer Refunds, and More Money in Your Bank Account for the Long Haul!

The Complete Refund Recon™ Pack includes

  • The Refund Recon™ Workshop
Learn why your refund policy should be one of your most valued assets in your business, and how it can lead to many more sales each month. Plus, I walk you through why a well-crafted refund policy can explode your sales.
  • Refund Policy Template for Your Site or Sales Page
This comes in three tried-and-true tested levels: strict, recommended or rogue, so you can make more sales while being clear, and fair, about your refund policy.
  • Product Guarantee Template for Your Site or Sales Page
How will they know what to expect from their purchase with you? We have the legally legit guarantee template that won’t land you in hot water with the FTC, but will help push your buyers over the fence to buy from you.
  • The Post-Purchase Refund Repellent System
Use my time-tested, five-step automated email system that decreases refund requests by up to 50%, all without the need for you to make any emotional decisions or listen to any heartbreaking stories!

Bonus #1!

  • The No-Nonsense Refund Request Form
Take control of your return process by asking your customers to complete a formal request for permission to return an item. This is the exact no-nonsense form I use to make sure every request is handled the exact same way. 

Bonus #2!

  • Our Perfect Refund Procedure Checklist
Take the emotions out of the process with this step-by-step procedure to processing refunds. No more guessing what you should do, or bending the rules for sappy (possibly true, but probably not) sad stories.

Bonus #3!

  • Refund Request Tracking Sheet
Our secret weapon to analyzing trends and continuously improving our products—so our return rate sinks even further into the ground.

Bonus #4!

  • Our Airtight Affidavit for Digital Returns
Yes, digital products can be returned without worrying so much about the physical act of returning an item—get the exact legal language I use to reduce the risk of a digital product return.

We don’t mess around with refunds!


      aka only 2.6% of all sales 

      ...and that's with a 14-day any-reason refund policy

      the most common reason for a return?

      They realized a different product of ours would work better for their business... so they decided to exchange or upgrade it.

      * As of October 31, 2020

      Plus, when you purchase in the next 15 minutes, you’ll also get our
      Save the Sale 
      Framework with Done-For-You Templates
      • Learn how to prevent customers from defaulting on their payment plans
      • ​Grab my 3 secret tools so I never worry about expired credit cards or customers with no room left on their credit cards
      • ​Discover exactly what to do with the buyers who pay and ghost after the first payment in their pay plan instead of outright asking for a refund
      • ​We’ve done the heavy lifting for you with proven recovery email templates to save the sale
      But this bonus disappears in 
      Pauliina Rasi
      Thank you so much for all the work you do! I couldn't be happier with the templates I purchased from you. Such a relief for me as a relatively new business owner to know those things are in order and I can focus my energy on other things.
      Ksenia Azanova
      TCS + Christina answered all of my questions and made me 100% sure of buying their contract template. Having the contract as part of my business makes me feel 100000% more secure and protected. Thank you!
      Kai Hernandez
      I run a service-based business and I'm branching out to online products. You are seriously amazing, I am obsessed with the customer service and level attention I have received 😍. Thank you for letting me swap my product for a different version!

      Are Refund Requests Really that Big of a Deal?

      It’s more essential than EVER to have diverse, location-independent streams of income... and an online course, template shop or other digital download products allow you to do this.

      But they come with a high-risk of abuse—it’s easy for someone to sign up and swipe your stuff, then back out or file a chargeback.

      Not only do they know exactly who you sell to, and what your product contains, they also got it essentially for free because they gamed the system!

      With the Refund Recon™ proprietary system, you’ll be able to stop these perps dead in their tracks, recover your losses and protect your carefully crafted intellectual property in your courses and other digital downloads.

      Here’s the three things about refunds you didn’t know:

      Refunds are a critical sales tool—not a last minute addition to a sales page!

      If you’ve been avoiding creating a refund policy because it scares you, you’re leaving tons of cash on the table. 

      Refunds aren’t there to protect you—they’re there to create trust with your customers. Your purchasers want to know your product or service is SO good that you believe in it too.

      A crappy refund policy like, “no refunds,” or worse—not even a mention of your refund policy on your sales page—screams, “gahhh! I don’t think this is a very good product, you probably don’t want it!”

      Compare that to the confidence of a happy, upbeat refund policy that matches your brand voice. Whoa! Instant customer cred in the bank.

      Refunds make or break your customer experience.

      Selling things online is kind of like the real life equivalent of opening your trunk in the back of a parking lot and asking if passerbys would like to purchase the baubles inside.

      Ummmmm…. hard no.

      We have to build trust with our audience, and there’s only two ways to do that:
      1. Making promises
      2. Keeping them

      Your refund policy is a promise to your future customers that you’ll take care of them. Your testimonials and product reviews are proof that you kept those promises. 

      There’s no faster way to build trust with your customers than to give them an easy-to-understand refund policy that’s simple + straightforward.

      But if you haven’t written one and tested it before, you’re a little lost on what a great promise looks like. 

      That’s where Refund Recon™ comes in.

      Refunds will create some of your most loyal customers WHO TURN INTO SUPERFANS AND PRODUCT AMBASSADORS FOR YEARS TO COME.

      I used to be so scared to give out refunds. I thought they’d make me look weak, and word would get out. 

      I was also terrified about the feedback I got from customers that led to their refund request.

      In both instances, I had nothing to worry about. 

      My most critical customers have become my best shop ambassadors for years.


      I took care of them. I didn’t try to keep a few bucks in the short term and lose their business for the long term.

      While it sucked to lose a couple hundred bucks at a time, it would have been worse to lose these valuable customers as brand ambassadors who have brought in dozens of other customers for free over the past five years.

      Inside Refund Recon™, I’ll show you how to turn your most upset critic into a loyal brand fan who can’t wait to repeat buy from you as you release future products, and share them with all their friends (for free!)

      Who Is Refund Recon™ a Good Fit For?

      • Busy business owners, who just want to buy this system and assign it immediately to a virtual assistant who can set it up for them and get it running (it won’t take that long if you decide to DIY it either)!
      • ​Online course creators, or aspiring online course creators, who want to make the most of their next course launch! There’s nothing more stressful than sitting on pins and needles until the refund period ends, so you can see how much you actually made. Luckily with Refund Recon™, you won’t have to worry about losing all your sales!
      • ​Service-based businesses (photographers, designers, planners, coaches) who know they *really* should be better about booking clients and using contracts, but they just haven’t gotten all their ducks in a row because #procrastination
      • ​Digital download product creators— if you haven’t considered, or formalized, a refund policy, are you even an online shop?! Just kidding— but this will make your life SO much easier. My store sales skyrocketed when I created a fun customer experience for my digital download product shop, and you guessed it… started advertising my refund policy.

      Who Am I, and Why Do I Know So Much About Refunds?

      Hi, I’m Christina Scalera
      I’ve helped multiple 7-figure product shops and course creators, like Jenna Kutcher, Ashlyn Carter and my own award-winning shop, recover lost sales from would-be refund requests.

      You see, I made the very risky and controversial decision a few years ago to focus on our back-end customer process instead of what you usually see: the front-end, sexy customer acquisition stuff. 

      The result? A 217% increase in sales that helped my shop cross the coveted million-dollar mark.

      We did it by making our products so incredibly helpful, with the best possible customer post-purchase support possible, that it was impossible for buyers to back out.

      And, because we supported customers in a way they never expected, they became raving brand fans who share us out with everyone they know, sometimes years after they made their purchase with us!

      We also increased our average order value from $175 to just over $300 per person. When you’re selling to ~2,000 people a year, that difference really adds up!

      The truth is, everyone is so focused on the front end of getting future customers in the door, that they ignore the most important part of their business: their current and past customers.

      These are the most critical assets of your business! They’ve already said YES to you once, and it’s your turn to show up and serve them in the best way possible.

      It is SO easy for you to stand out in the market with just this one simple tweak, because NOBODY else is doing this… yet.

      What’s Included
      • 15-Minute Refund Recon™ Workshop
      • 4 Ready-to-Go Refund Policy Templates
      • 1 ​Plug-and-Play Guarantee Template
      • ​A Legal Affidavit for Return of Digital Courses
      • ​5 Post-Purchase Email Templates
      • ​20-Step Refund Procedure Checklist
      • ​Copy-and-Paste Refund Request Form
      • and more!
      Want a Sneak Peek?
      As soon as you enroll, you'll have instant access to my training where I share exactly why offering refunds is actually better for your business than not allowing them at all.
      With 5,000+ contract templates sold, we know a thing or two about legal templates that actually work. You'll be able to copy-and-paste instantly—and actually understand what you're sharing.
      Straight from our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and into your hands, get the exact steps and templates we use to keep our returns under 3% of sales!
      If you have a high-end course or mastermind program, you'll love our extra-solid agreement meant to protect your valuable digital content.
      Our 5-step email sequence prevents refunds, increases two-way communication with customers and makes sure you collected anything necessary to improve the experience for future customers.

      Avoid Refund Drama, ​Stop Copycats in Their Tracks & KEEP MORE OF YOUR SALES REVENUE

      Why Should You Trust Me?

      Hi, I’m Christina Scalera,
      I'm the lawyer and founder of The Contract Shop®. My 7-figure digital download store has served over 6,000 customers in the five years we’ve been open. That’s a LOT of different people to deal with asking for all kinds of crazy stuff. 

      Since I’m naturally introverted, and definitely drained by this refund stuff, I’ve had to create + implement a system to streamline the process. That way, I know that every single customer is treated the same, and treated well. 

      After all, the customer’s satisfaction is my number one priority here at The Contract Shop®–and that’s not just lip service. In fact, I think we should all try to be the best that we can be, which is why I’ve put this Refund Recon™ system together at an affordable price!

      This easy system is exactly what you’re getting access to here today—except you don’t have to go through all the heartache and lost money that I did!

      You get to dot all your ‘i’s’ and cross your ‘t’s’ starting today!! No need to slowly develop a system over five years like I had to. It’s all yours, and it’s all here.
      Our Satisfaction Guarantee
      If you purchase anything from us and you are not satisfied, contact us at hello@thecontractshop.com and we will work with you to make you happy! Even if you’re past the 14-day any reason refund period.
      Our Refund Policy
      Speaking of refunds, we give you 14 days to try out any and all of our products risk-free. That means that you can get a refund for literally ANY REASON within 14 days of purchase. There’s no hidden catch or hoops to jump through-- we just collect a tiny bit of information to allow us to process your request.




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      10 Surefire Ways to Reduce Refund Requests: We're spilling the beans and giving away our SOP (that’s Standard Operating Procedure) checklist to help you eliminate refund requests for good!

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      14-Day Happiness Policy

      Your enrollment is completely risk-free, because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. You can ask for a refund for any reason anytime within 14 days of purchase.

      Secure Payment

      All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.
      Frequently Asked Questions
      I can see your refund policy right on this page, why can’t I just copy + paste that and call it a day?
      First, I mean, that’s wrong. And illegal, but yeah, I guess you could do that. However, you’d be missing out on exactly why (and how!) my refund policy works. 

      Refund Recon™ isn’t about slapping a refund policy onto a sales page and later-ing outta there. It’s a complete system with templates, guides and mini-classes so you never have to be afraid of selling again.
      Who is this a good fit for?
      This is the perfect fit for:

      • Online course creators
      • Those of you who host retreats or events, or want to add those to your business
      • Template shops
      • Digital Download product creators
      • Funnel builders
      • Service providers who want a more passive system to sign and work with clients
      Is there anyone who Refund Recon™ is a bad fit for?
      It is not a good fit for multi-level marketers or someone who already has a consistent, well-oiled customer process from start to finish.

      While the return policy and guarantee templates can be used by physical product shops, digital providers will find more use out of the additional pack contents.
      How long do I have access to the Refund Recon™ system?
      You get access for the life of the product. While we don’t know how long that will be (our crystal ball that predicts the future is currently in the shop), I can tell you that the average product life of our templates and courses is over four years, and still going strong! 
      Will I get updates?
      Of course! I can promise you’ll get all future bonuses, updates and templates for the life of this product.

      Fun fact: we were the first contract template shop to offer lifetime updates! We pioneered this thing and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon ;)
      How do I actually make sure I implement this?
      Ohhhhh how I hear you—you don’t want to pay for yet another thing you don’t use. You’re a bit of a “course collector,” eh? Me too.

      You know how part of the Refund Recon™ system is to teach you how to set up a killer customer post-purchase sequence? I live by what I teach and if I can’t motivate you to implement this system within the first week, you can get your money back.

      I don’t want you paying for something you’re not using.
      Build trust and get more customers buying today!
      Copyright © 2020 - Christina Scalera LLC dba The Contract Shop® - All Rights Reserved - Legal & Disclaimers