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Starting a business is kind of like BIRTHING A BABY... 

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YOU DON'T KNOW what you don't know.

If you've ever asked yourself, "DID I DO THIS RIGHT?"
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Sections include...
  • Business Entity Formation + Setup
  •  Everything You Need to Start Working with Clients (aka Making Money)
  • Outsourcing, Even if You're a Baby Biz Right Now
  •  Selling, Because People Really Do Want to Buy from You
  •  Marketing (It's Not as Complicated As You're Making It)
  •  Turning Your Service into a Product (Stop Trading Time for Money!!)
Stop losing sleep wondering if your business is legit!
About The Contract Shop®
Do you cross your fingers and say a little prayer that nothing goes wrong when you send your clients a contract? Stop spending hours hunting around the internet, duct-taping together some Frankenstein contract that only "hopefully" protects you.

The Contract Shop®, founded by attorney Christina Scalera, sells contract templates to creative entrepreneurs.

Our templates have been purchased and tested by thousands of entrepreneurs, and used by industry leaders like Once Wed, The Rising Tide Society and the Modern Calligraphy Summit. 
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